A full day Tour of spectacular Milos

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64 Nautical Miles 7-9 hours 1 -7 People

Tour Description

We depart from the dock of Platis Gialos, head southwest and enter the strait of Kitriani-Sifnos. Then we change course and head north west and cruise the strait of Kimolos-Milos and see the port of Pollonias (Apollonia). We head southwest heading to the bay of Papafragas. It is an impressive place that resembles a huge natural swimming pool, an enormous cave carved out of the cliff’s side. There is also a tiny strip of sand that forms the beach. We can snorkel and enjoy the site and this unique geological phenomenon. We then reach Navagio (Shipwreck) and can swim in deep waters and see at approximately 8 – 10 meters below surface level an old shipwreck.

Our next stop is the magnificent beach of Sarakiniko, one of the most photographed landscapes of Milos and Cyclades. We can spend much time there swimming in deep waters, jump and dive off the tall, greyish – white cliffs that can have amazing shapes often compared to a moonscape and enjoy the famous fiords. Always heading west, we arrive at the traditional fishermen’s village of Fyropotamos with the traditional houses painted in the colors of the Aegean Sea and the traditional syrmata houses made to shelter the fish boats in the winter.

We soon reach the northwest side of Milos and cape Vani change course and head southwest till we reach the cave of Sykia which does not have a roof, the sunbeams come into the cave and make the waters shine. Also we can see a small beach. We can stop and swim in the emerald waters and see the corals that take different colors depending on the sunbeams that light them. After the cave we head to the famous Kleftiko. This is one of the most photographed landscapes and is famous not just in Greece but worldwide. We can enjoy the group of grey-white rocks of strange shapes and formations, with caves and cavities. After Kleftiko, we continue our journey to see the tens of small beaches and bays such as Gerontas, Firiplaka, Agios Sostis, ProvatasPalaiochori and arrive at the amazing beach of Gerakas, the only beach with the unique grey and pink sand that flows like a waterfall from the mountain and the small cavities with hot spring waters from the volcano of Milos. 

We stay on course and continue east until we arrive at the famous Sulphur mines, our last stop in Milos. Here we can visit the old mine which was operating until the mid-1950s.

Tour Gallery

Tour Itinerary

Sifnos - Platis Gialos Marina
Marina of Platis Gialos (Meeting & Starting Point)
Milos - Pollonia
Milos – Pollonia
Milos - Papafraga
The astonishing Papafraga bay
Milos - Sarakiniko
Sarakiniko, the classical picture of Milos
Milos - Mandrakia
Mandrakia, The natural swimming pool of Milos
Milos - Sykia
The big Cavern in Milos with its private beach
Milos - Kleftiko
The iconic Milos
Milos - Gerakas
The bay with the rose-grey sand
Milos - Thiorichio
The abandoned sulphur mine

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